A Transformation in Transportation

Imagine a future where cars operated emission-free, where there was minimal dependence on foreign oil, and where charging an electric vehicle was as fast and simple as filling a car with gasoline. This vision is what originally inspired Valent Power to begin developing electric vehicle quick-chargers in 2011. After running a successful Silicon Valley hardware company for 25 years, Valent Power CEO Corwin Nichols knew that he wanted to take part in the EV movement when he purchased a Nissan Leaf in 2011.

“I immediately realized that electric vehicles were the future of transportation” claims Nichols.  “EV technology was a natural direction for us to aim our research.”

Fueled by an innovative team of engineers, Valent Power is committed to developing EV charging technology that supports the clean-energy future we envision. At VP, we believe that the positive social and environmental impacts of our products are key to our success and sustainability in the long run. In the electric vehicle market, this means helping to build a charging infrastructure that aids the rapidly growing fleet of EVs on the road today. By making fast chargers an affordable charging solution, we hope to support more electric vehicles in more locations - fueling the future of transportation.